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Tax Calculator for Ireland

Use our simple tax calculator for Ireland to work out what you'll earn after paying Irish Income Tax, USC and PRSI contributions.

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Salary Calculator for Ireland

Use our salary calculator for Ireland to find out your take-home pay and compare it with the minimum and average salaries in Ireland.

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Cost of Living in Ireland

Check how your income compares to the cost of living in Dublin, based on indicators such as: median household income, standard of living, accommodation costs, and living expenses.

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Ireland Job Search

We have partnered with the leading job boards around the world to give you access to the best opportunities wherever you are, in any industry, and at any experience level. Your next job in Ireland is waiting for you, apply now!


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Minimum Wage in Ireland: All Your Questions Answered

Most Irish workers are legally entitled to a minimum wage that's decided based on their age and status. The minimum wage in Ireland is intended to ensure all employees get paid fairly, but how does it compare to the Irish national average salary?

Ireland | Apr 3, 2022

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Cost of Living in Dublin: Everything You Need to Know

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and the home of good craic, but could you afford to live there? Learn if you'll need the luck of the Irish to get by in this historic and popular city.

Ireland | Dec 28, 2021