Should I move to Dublin (Ireland)?

As easy as it sounds, this is a hard decision to make. Every individual has different expectations and meeting all of them is sometimes very difficult. The best thing we can do before moving to a new country is to analyze carefully all the pros and cons. We compiled a small list of pros and cons. Please post your comments below to help us complete this list.

Here is a list of the TOP reasons to move to Dublin:

  • English speaking country
  • friendly people
  • many expats
  • fairly safe
  • many international companies
  • nice bike-to-work programs
  • good and cheap education system
  • vibrant city, many pubs and restaurants

And the cons are:

  • the weather (for people that don't like rain and wind)
  • bad public transportation, compared to London and Paris
  • expensive rent, compared to the median salary

We would like to hear your opinion! Why do you think Ireland is better / worse than other countries? Please share your experience, it may help others to take the right decision.