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Aerial view of the Empire State Building and downtown Manhattan, New York

Cost of Living in New York: How Expensive Is the Big Apple?

If you have big dreams of living in the Big Apple, you may be wondering if you can afford it. Learn how much you can expect to spend when living in New York City.

United States | Jan 2, 2022

Office buildings along the north shore of the River Liffey with the iconic Samuel Beckett Bridge in the foreground

Cost of Living in Dublin: Everything You Need to Know

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and the home of good craic, but could you afford to live there? Learn if you'll need the luck of the Irish to get by in this historic and popular city.

Ireland | Dec 28, 2021

Red double-decker bus crossing Westminster Bridge, with Big Ben in the background

Cost of Living in London: The Ultimate Guide

London is a dream destination for many people, but could you afford to live there? Find out how much it costs to get by in England's famous and bustling capital city.

United Kingdom | Sept 7, 2021