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Take-Home Pay in Belgium

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Salary Before Tax
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Simply enter your annual or monthly income into the salary calculator above to find out how taxes in Belgium affect your income. You'll then get a breakdown of your total tax liability and take-home pay.

Salary Before Tax
your total earnings before any taxes have been deducted. Also known as Gross Income.
Salary After Tax
the money you take home after all taxes and contributions have been deducted. Also known as Net Income.

Income Tax Breakdown

Yearly Monthly
Income Tax
Social Security Contributions
Regional Tax
Total Tax Due
Total Tax Due
the sum of all taxes and contributions that will be deducted from your gross salary.

The deductions used in the calculator assume you are not married and have no dependents. You may pay less if tax credits or other deductions apply.

Taxation in Belgium

Income Tax
is a progressive tax, meaning that individuals with higher wages will be taxed more than individuals with lower wages. The basic personal allowance is currently €8,990, and is not subject to income tax. Employees are also entitled to a standard deduction that amounts to 30% of their taxable salary, with a maximum of €4,880 per taxpayer.
Social Security Contributions
is paid on top of earned income. The employer withholds employee's social security contributions at source and remits the total contributions to the social security authorities. The employer pays 35% and the employee pays another 13.07% of his salary.
Regional Tax
is a local income tax, ranging from 0% to 9% of the income tax due. Non-residents pay an average 7%.

The information presented here is based on the fiscal regulations in Belgium in 2020 (tax year 2021). Visit for more details.

Financial Facts About Belgium

The latest figures from the Belgian Statistical Office (Statbel) indicate that the average gross monthly salary in Belgium is €3,832, with the highest salaries reported in the Brussels Capital Region and the lowest paid in the Walloon Region. This means that the average Belgian worker earns a gross annual salary of €45,984, which corresponds to a net monthly pay of €2,463, as estimated by our tax calculator.

While Belgium does not have a minimum wage determined by law, it has a Guaranteed Average Monthly Minimum Income (RMMMG), which is set at €1,806.16 in 2022. This amount refers to the monthly gross pay of workers over 18 years old, and includes end-of-year bonuses or thirteenth month payments. In other words, the guaranteed minimum yearly wage is around €21,674 before taxes. Running the numbers through our Belgium salary tax calculator, this equates to a take-home pay of €1,435 per month.

Belgium has one of the highest levels of taxation in the world with the income tax brackets ranging from 25 to 50 percent. The country has capitalized on its central geographic location and developed an excellent transportation infrastructure with a highly developed transport network consisting of ports, canals, railways, and highways.

Belgium offers a rich cultural experience and its excellent public transport infrastructure makes it easy to travel around. The country has three official languages: French, Dutch, and German.

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