Cost of Living in Dublin

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Monthly Weekly
Rent (1-bed) €1,386 €320
Utilities €293 €68
Groceries €347 €80
Transportation €95 €22
Net Income €3,000 €692
Expenses €2,121 €490
Savings €879 €203

Last updated: Dublin, Feb 2024

With a monthly net income of €3,000, our Dublin cost of living calculator estimates that a single individual will spend around €2,121 per month on accommodation and basic expenses, excluding the cost of leisure activities, dining out, and entertainment.

Living in the city centre as opposed to the suburbs can significantly impact your budget. For a more personalised estimate, please check the Advanced Options Advanced Options to select your preferred location and accommodation type.

Below, you will find a detailed breakdown of all expenses by category.

Our calculator recommends renting a 1-bedroom apartment (suburbs): €1,386

It is generally advised to keep accommodation costs at around 30% of your monthly gross income (before tax). However, that's likely not realistic in Dublin, given how much rent prices have increased in recent years.

When the accommodation type is selected automatically, our cost of living calculator limits suggestions to shared rooms and 1-bedroom apartments to keep things practical and allow for some savings.

The table below outlines the average monthly rental rates for apartments across Dublin and the surrounding suburbs. Rents are generally more affordable as you move away from the city centre, so be sure to select your preferred location in the Advanced Options Advanced Options section.

Source: Irish Rental Report Q3 2023 |
Apartment Type Rent (City Centre) Rent (Suburbs)
3-Bedroom €2,771 €2,138
2-Bedroom €2,175 €1,679
1-Bedroom €1,796 €1,386
Shared Apartment €821 €676

Average monthly utility bill for one person living in a 1-bedroom apartment: €293

In Dublin, rental agreements typically do not include utilities. When renting a room in a shared apartment, utility costs may be included, but it's important to confirm exactly which expenses are covered.

Our calculator includes the typical costs for standard utilities (electricity, heating, water, garbage), Internet, a phone plan, and the TV licence fee. It also factors in the suggested accommodation type for your budget and whether you are living alone or not.

Expense Average Monthly Cost
Utilities (1-bedroom apartment) 1 × €200
Internet 1 × €55
TV Licence 1 × €13.33
Phone Plan 1 × €25

Average monthly grocery bill for one person: €347

Recent data suggests that the average adult in Dublin spends around €80 per week on groceries, which adds up to about €347 a month. For couples living together, this expense increases to approximately €130 weekly, or €563 each month.

It's important to note that these figures can vary widely. The total amount you spend will depend on factors like how often you cook at home, the types of groceries you buy, and your spending habits on daily essentials like toiletries and household items.

Below, you'll find a list of some common grocery items along with the typical prices you can expect to see in Dublin supermarkets.

Item Average Price
Loaf of Bread €1.91
12 Medium Eggs €2.80
1 L (1 qt) of Milk €1.15
1 kg (2.2 lb) of White Rice €1.50
1 kg (2.2 lb) of Local Cheese €7.22
1 kg (2.2 lb) of Whole Chicken €3.75
1 kg (2.2 lb) of Apples €1.85
750 ml (25.3 oz) Bottle of Mid-Range Wine €12.00
500 ml (16.9 oz) Can of Local Beer €2.00

Monthly Dublin public transport cost for one person: €95

Dublin has an extensive public transportation network, offering options like buses, trams (Luas), rail, and biking. Since owning a car in the Irish capital can be very costly, most residents use public transport.

A popular choice among locals is the TFI Leap card, which can offer significant savings thanks to daily and weekly fare capping. Depending on your commute, you can save even more by joining the Taxsaver Commuter Ticket Scheme through your employer.

When computing monthly expenses, our cost of living calculator factors in the weekly Leap card cap for bus or tram.

Source: TFI Leap Card Fare Capping |
Ticket Type Price
Short Ride €1.30
TFI 90 Minute Fare €2.00
Bus or Luas Daily Cap €5.60
Bus or Luas Weekly Cap €22.00
Multi Mode (Bus, Luas, and Rail) Weekly Cap €32.00

Budget left after basic expenses: €879

Dublin has no shortage of entertainment and dining out options — it's the capital of "good craic" for a reason! How much you spend on fun and leisure really depends on what you like to do, so our cost of living calculator doesn't include these expenses.

But don't worry, you can check out the table below for the average prices of popular leisure and entertainment activities in Dublin.

Activity Average Price
Meal in a Mid-Range Restaurant (Excl. Drinks) €20€40
Big Mac Meal at McDonald's €9.20
Pint of Local Beer €6.00
Cinema Ticket €15.00
Monthly Gym Membership €36.00

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