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Our mission is to help you plan your finances effectively no matter where you live!

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We are Alexandra and Lucian, the founders of salaryaftertax.com. We are both software engineers who share a passion for personal finance. Over the years, we have worked for some of the biggest names in the industry and relocated to a few different countries along the way. This gave us a unique perspective into the challenges of negotiating salaries, managing taxes, and relocating.

What started as an effort to help us understand how our own salaries are taxed and what take-home pay we can expect at the end of each month grew into a resource that helps thousands of people every day answer the same questions.

What sets us apart is the dedication and passion we put into our work. We strive to make our website easy to use and give you the best possible experience. We work tirelessly with a team of writers and accountants to provide accurate information and tools that you can trust.

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