Cost of Living in Ireland


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Median gross income per month (Single)

Ireland has one of the strongest economies in Europe, relative to its population, boasting the fourth highest GPD per capita in the world in 2018.

Your gross income of 3,333 EUR per month for a single person is:

  • equal to the median gross income of 3,333 EUR in Dublin
  • greater than the median gross income of 3,187 EUR in other cities throughout Ireland
Average accommodation cost per month

While it is not imposed, it is recommended to spend less than 30% of your total household income on rent.

With a recommended accommodation cost of around 999 EUR per month you would be able to afford:

  • living in a shared apartment in Dublin
  • living in a two bedroom apartment in other cities throughout Ireland
Standard of living (Single)

Ireland has one of the highest GDP growth rates in the world, which is reflected in its continuously rising standard of living. In 2018, it ranked third in the world in the UN's Human Development Index (HDI).

According to the results of our survey, a single person with a gross income of 3,333 EUR per month is likely to:

  • have a standard lifestyle, affording to go out a few times per week in Dublin
  • have a standard lifestyle, affording to go out a few times per week in other cities throughout Ireland

Cost of food

The prices referenced in this table are from Tesco, one of the most popular grocery store chains in Ireland. Last updated in September 2020.
800 g (28.2 oz) of Bread € 1.60
1 L (1 qt) of Milk € 0.75
6 Large Eggs € 1.90
2 kg (4.4 lb) of Whole Chicken € 4.60
2 L of Coca-Cola € 2.40

Cost of utilities

Prices are per month. Last updated in September 2020.
1 Gb/s Internet Subscription € 35
Tesco Mobile Subscription € 20
Utilities for a Studio (gas, water, electricity) € 90
Utilities for an Apartment (gas, water, electricity) € 150
1 hour Cleaning Help € 15

Cost of transportation

Prices last updated in September 2020.
Monthly Dublin City Bus & Luas Pass € 180
Monthly Rail Cork-Cobh / Midleton / Carrigtwohill Pass € 121
Dublin Taxi Price per km € 1.50
1 L (1/4 gal) of Gasoline € 1.44
Avg. Price of Car Insurance per year € 800

Cost of entertainment

Prices last updated in September 2020.
McDonald's Big Mac Meal € 8
Starbucks Large Espresso € 2.35
Large Beer in a Pub € 6
Dinner for Two at Restaurant in Dublin € 60
Movie Ticket € 13


Ireland is one of the closest EU countries to the US and Canada, while also being just an hour-flight away from the largest European economies.

Many of the top international companies have their European headquarters in Ireland: Google, Apple, and Microsoft, to name a few.

Ireland is considered a safe place to live, having a relatively low crime rate thanks in large part to its strict gun laws.

The social scene is lively and cheerful, Ireland being one of the countries with the highest number of pubs per capita in the world.

The Irish are renowned for their friendliness, hospitality, and great sense of humor.


The weather in Ireland is well-known for being rainy, windy, and dreary almost year-round.

The cost of living can be high, especially in Dublin, while the salaries are usually slow to keep up with inflation.

Ireland's public transport is not as developed as in other top European countries, with only 8% of people using public transport every day.

Driving a car in Ireland is costly, the car insurance alone being considered by many prohibitively expensive.

While the Irish health care system has improved in recent years, there are often long waiting lists for specialist treatments.

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